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As globally recognized IT security experts, we help organisations strengthen their security posture.


We help organizations assess,
quantify and eliminate security risks with our products and services.

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As attackers increase the sophistication of their strategies, security has to become more sophisticated. It’s no longer enough to perform assessments as per pre-defined timelines. At The SecOps Group, we believe that security is a continuous process, which has to progress with time and in accordance with the customer needs and constantly evolving threats. 

Our team of experts empower organizations to stay ahead and proactively shield critical information and assets, thus, protecting what’s most important to a customer, while also acknowledging their business and security needs.

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PureID’s PureAUTH solution uses Proof-of-Association, a multi-factor Passwordless Authentication method invented by PureID. PureAUTH is designed to provide highly secure and reliable authentication, without using passwords.

  • Password Less Authentication
  • Eliminate Identity Fraud & Phishing
  • Protects PAM, SSO, IAM & SAAS
  • Pevents Software Supply Chain Attacks

Proof-of-Association involves the construction, verification & validation of an enterprise user’s Identity using multiple distributed factors. It is a secure and resilient authentication scheme.



RedHunt Labs’ NVADR is an Attack Surface Management (ASM) solution that helps enterprises continuously discover, track, and secure their exposed assets.

  • State-of-the-art scan engine
  • 100% visibility of external security posture
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Assets discovery beyond sub-domain

Our “asset” definition goes beyond subdomains and IP ranges and extends to mobile apps, code repos, cloud storage instances, docker machines, leaked keys, credentials, and more. A unified solution to give enterprises a holistic view of their constantly changing asset inventory and the associated risk profile.


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Experience & skills

Our expertise & skill has allowed us to work with some of the largest blue chip companies in the world.


Industry standards & compliances

We take pride in going above and beyond the standards set by the industry when it comes to identifying the risk.


Cost Effectiveness

We believe in offering the greatest safety standard to our customers at an economical price



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