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About Us

About The SecOps Group

The SecOps Group is a globally recognized IT security company having extensive and varied experience of providing cyber security consultancy and education services. At The SecOps Group, we believe that security is a continuous process, which has to progress with time and in accordance with the customer needs and constantly evolving threats. Our core business comprises of two units:

1. Consultancy:
Pentesting and Advisory
The SecOps Group are cybersecurity experts offering CREST accredited security consultancy services.

2. Education:
Pentesting Exams
Through our exams, we provide an authentic and credible certification that is modern, relevant and represents real life business risks.

Vulnmachines (A Pentest Learning Platform)
The SecOps Group runs a free pentest learning platform called โ€œVulnmachinesโ€.

Black Hat 2023


SecOps - Appdome Party

Complete Secops Security

Our products and services help organisations assess, quantify and eliminate security risks.

  • Web Application Pentest
  • External Network Pentest
  • Internal Network Pentest
  • Mobile Application Pentest
  • Source-Code Analysis
  • DevSecOps
  • Red Team Assessment
  • Cloud Security Assessment

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