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About Us

About Us

About The SecOps Group

The SecOps Group is a globally recognized IT security company having extensive and varied experience of providing cyber security consultancy and education services. At The SecOps Group, we believe that security is a continuous process, which has to progress with time and in accordance with the customer needs and constantly evolving threats. Our core business comprises of two units:

1. Consultancy:
Pentesting and Advisory
The SecOps Group are cybersecurity experts offering CREST accredited security consultancy services.

2. Education:
Pentesting Exams
Through our exams, we provide an authentic and credible certification that is modern, relevant and represents real life business risks.

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Complete Secops Security

Our products and services help organisations assess, quantify and eliminate security risks.

  • Web Application Pentest
  • External Network Pentest
  • Internal Network Pentest
  • Mobile Application Pentest
  • Source-Code Analysis
  • DevSecOps
  • Red Team Assessment
  • Cloud Security Assessment

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