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SecOps December 7, 2021 File Upload,  Path Traversal

TL;DR File upload allows you to upload a ZIP file and extract its contents online. Upload a ZIP file with a malicious symlink and extract arbitrary files from the server. Pr0fit đŸ™‚ Recently our team discovered a vulnerability in one of the client’s web applications which allowed us to read local files from the application’s […]

SecOps October 18, 2021 Apache,  CVE Analysis,  Path Traversal

In this blog post, Udit Bhadauria discussed about the latest Apache Server vulnerability. This blog post describes the vulnerability details, minimum requirements, affected versions, vulnerability detection, chaining vulnerability with Remote Code Execution and recommendation. Let’s dive into each sections: What is Path Traversal Vulnerability? Path Traversal is a very common security vulnerability that arises due to […]